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Allied Lodge No.1170


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1st and 3rd Monday
September through June

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Allied Lodge History

Before December of 1974 there were very few lodges in the State of New York that accepted African Americans.  Prince Hall Lodges existed, but were not recognized by regular Masonic Lodges.  Prior to Allied Lodge, a lodge known for accepting African-Americans was Alpha Lodge No. 116 in New Jersey, a lodge we hold very dear.  Many black Brothers and our predecessors would car pool to New Jersey to partake in Masonic activities.  Eventually a good relationship was developed between Bro. Moses Taylor of Alpha Lodge of New Jersey and Bro. William Hemecker of Goldenrule-Ionic Lodge No. 486 of New York.  These two men formed a strong bond and exchanged visitations of their respective lodges and contacts were made in the Sixth Manhattan District for the formation of an integrated lodge.


Many Masonic Brothers of New York welcomed the idea and a formal petition was made to the Grand Lodge of New York.  In the 1974 Grand Communication of the Grand Lodge of New York this matter was brought up, and on December 18, 1974, the Most Worshipful Arthur Markewich granted a petition for dispensation to Allied Lodge with thirteen petitioners.  Roughly half were Caucasian and the other half were African-American.  The first meeting was organized by Bro. Daniel Semel in January 1975, which was attended by a host of dignitaries from NY, NJ, the Caribbean and other countries.  Allied Lodge was constituted on May 21, 1975.

The early work of Allied Lodge was impressive.  Allied Lodge eliminated the prejudices of many brothers who theretofore had limited social, let alone fraternal, contact with African-Americans in their daily lives and communities.  It is clear to say that the constituting of Allied Lodge commenced the inevitable leveling of the Masonic playing field, not simply in NY, but in the United States.

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